How an SMS Platform can save you money on missed appointments

You are always looking for opportunities to lower business costs, right? Did you know: a SMS Platform to communicate with your clients about their appointments can actually save you money?

We all lead very busy lives and it is easy to forget an appointment, especially if it is with someone you don’t visit on a daily basis – like a doctor, broker, attorney etc. As frustrating as it can be for you as a client to realise you have to reschedule, it is even more frustrating for the business owner.

What clients don’t realise, is that a business actually loses money due to missed appointments.

Quick fact: in the UK, it is estimated that patients forget at least 12 million GP appointments every year. This results in an overall loss of about £162 million.

Business owners, do yourself a favour and have look at how many times you are “stood up” by clients. (You might have not even have thought about it before now). How much is it costing you to reschedule every time?

So, what is the solution and what does an SMS Platform have to do with it?

Simple. Start sending your clients text reminders.

In a SMS, you can tell your clients when their appointment is. You will also be able to fit the address of your company in there as well. In fact, why not provide a link in the message that can take them to an online map? Now clients don’t have to waste time (and arrive late as a result) if they aren’t familiar with your location.

You can send the text a day before the appointment so your clients have ample time to phone you back should they not be able to meet you. You can also send a second reminder an hour or two before the scheduled appointment so the recipient can start preparing for their appointment.

Clients will be very grateful for this SMS Platform service, because it will make life much easier for them. It will go a long way to enhance their loyalty towards your business.



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