Why you should consider Mobile Number Washing

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is waste money. Companies rarely realise that inaccurate or duplicate customer data can do just this. Luckily, there is a thing called Mobile Number Washing.

The aim of software that scrubs cell phone numbers from your database, is to help you eliminate the problem of misguided funds. Companies can lose thousands of bucks each year because of inaccurate customer contact details. Sending marketing material or calling phone numbers that are duplicated or don’t exist, also creates unnecessary work for employees. And not to mention, you are paying for every message you send or call you make.

From the customer’s perspective it can get extremely frustrating to receive duplicate messages from a business. Usually this leads to the customer blocking or ignoring your communication attempts and even unsubscribing from your marketing list. Mobile Number Washing can help to prevent this so you don’t drive your customers away instead of enthralling them with your offerings.

Your marketing and communication efforts need to be based on data that is 100% accurate for it to be successful. Having info that is not of good quality, can seriously hinder your efforts and leave you scratching your head as to where the problem lies.

Mobile Number Washing can quickly and easily get rid of this problem. It can also benefit you on a daily basis because these tools usually have the ability to supervise your entries as it happens. Thus, instead living with an inaccurate entry for weeks (or even a year!), you can receive an alert to the problem almost instantly.

Struggling with inaccurate customer data is unhealthy for your business. It usually starts with just a few problematic phone numbers, but as your contact list grows, the problem escalates. Why not prevent this from the beginning?

Get the most out of your customer contact list by getting rid of the details that don’t belong. It is entirely possible with reliable scrubbing software.

Call Integrat for more info on our Mobile Number Washing product and keep your business moving forward.



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