Why a SMS Voucher System for your marketing makes sense

Are you unsure if a SMS Voucher System is the way to go when it comes to rewarding your customers? Truth be told, if you are not currently making use of it, you are missing out!

Incentivising customers usually serves one of two primary goals:

  1. You want to reward existing customers for their loyalty
  2. You want to woo new customers into becoming loyal ones

A Mobile Coupon can serve both of these ideas very well and it is a good fit for any type of marketing campaign – big or small.

Your vouchers can give discounts or enable your customers to redeem freebies. It doesn’t have to be huge amounts or expensive gifts either; the main idea behind this gesture is to establish (profitable) customer relationships.

Your strategy will, of course, depend on who you are targeting and what your secondary goals are e.g. getting more followers on Facebook, promoting your website, boosting product sales etc. It might even be that these are your primary goals. Whatever the case, make sure you have a clear plan on what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and how you can measure your success.

A SMS Voucher System can also help you to:

Get customers to follow through with online purchases

According to themarketinglounge.org, about 87% of online shoppers abandon their baskets before completing their purchase. There could be many reasons for it, but a coupon given beforehand will definitely help to combat this problem.

Increase customer spending

Offering an incentive only if a customer spends a minimum amount on purchases, will encourage consumers to spend a little more than they normally would.

Encourage impulse buying

Make your coupon only valid for a short period of time. Many customers won’t resist the temptation of redeeming their reward, even if they only buy something for the sake of buying.

Integrat offers a SMS Voucher System that you can use to successfully incentivise your customers. What are waiting for? Give us a call or drop a mail and we will gladly provide you with more info.



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