How to introduce your customers to SMS Marketing

When starting your SMS Marketing attempts for the first time, it is a good idea to gradually introduce your customers to your mobile communication. If you push too hard or market too aggressively, you will scare customers and end up with loads of opt-outs.

The first step is to obtain your customers’ phone numbers – legally! They have to opt in to receive your text messages willingly and you also have to assure them that they can opt out any time they want. You can do this using various methods – the easiest of which is to reward them in exchange for their details with prizes, vouchers etc.

Remember that you have to make it worth their while – you are invading their private space after all. Your customers will want to know what is in it for them.

Ease your customers gently into the process by combining your SMS marketing with email. Send them an electronic mail containing the following valuable info.

  1. How to opt in to receive text messages. For example: text 1234 to a certain number
  2. Give them choices. Some customers only want to hear about your specials, while others might be interested in your newsletters as well. Thus, they can text 1235 to receive promotional material or 1236 to receive something else.
  3. Explain how the process will work. E.g. how many texts will they receive per week? On which days and during what times will they get it? What will the message contain?
  4. What do they need to do if they no longer wish to receive your mobile communication?

Now, also drive your SMS Marketing in-store. Tell customers about it and give them printed material (like flyers) containing the same info as the email messages. You can even put it on a sign outside your shop or next to the cash register. If you really want to go big, you can even make a billboard advert – or why not combine it with an ongoing promotion in the newspaper?

Lastly, don’t forget about your social media channels. Post it once a week on Facebook and Twitter and make a static banner for your website.



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