Content is key for successful SMS Marketing

Knowing what to put in your text messages for your SMS Marketing campaign isn’t always easy. Some marketers are so focused on building their contact list, that when the time comes to actually start engaging, they don’t know what to say.

How can you prevent this pitfall?

It is very important not to write your content as an afterthought – it has to be part of your strategy from the very beginning. Start with rough drafts containing what you want to text during each phase of your strategy. It is much easier to tweak your messages as you go along if you have a draft to work from.

It will help you to:

  • Identify problem areas from the start. For example, there might be words or phrases that you can’t use from a legal standpoint.
  • Keep everything tight. Say for instance you are rolling out a service/ product in phases. In each phase your customers will have access to more functions/ items. Now the last thing you want to do is send out a SMS during Phase 2 telling your customer things that are actually happening in Phase 4.

The hardest part of content creation for SMS Marketing campaigns, is writing content that will engage the reader. You want your customers to line up to request your mobile communication instead of you pleading for their phone numbers. For this your texts have to evoke emotions (take note, positive emotions) in your customers as well as add some kind of value to their lives.

For a consumer, giving away their mobile number is a very personal thing. And you can be sure, they expect something in return – if not an incentive, they at the very least want to be entertained in some way. You can only achieve this by planning carefully en being proactive – no “lame” messages that waste your customers’ time.

If you are going about your SMS marketing all wrong, your customers will (unfortunately) let you know by opting out. Keep an eye on which messages receive the most opt-outs; this will indicate what content your target market finds unappealing.



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