Can USSD Push messages still be personal?

There is no doubt that USSD Push messages can drive sales, but too many companies make the mistake of composing cold, impersonal content. How can you be different?

Start by welcoming subscribers to your mobile marketing and thank them for opting in. They are doing you a favour – not the other way around.

Don’t constantly blast your customers with generic messages. It looks spammy and will cause the receiver to shut down immediately. Use consumers’ first name to address them in your messages as well so they don’t feel like it is an “attack of the automation robots” on their privacy.

Keep the look and feel of your USSD Push messages consistent. It helps to create brand awareness. The second a user receives your notification, they should be able to recognize your company immediately. You can even combine your Push messages with other channels (SMS, email) to lend an air of authenticity to the first mentioned.

If you sell a variety of products, make sure the product you are offering to your customer, is relevant to him or her. The same goes for rewards. Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a voucher for a product that you can’t use. Research your target market thoroughly and you will be able to keep your opt-outs to a minimum.

Keep an eye on the reaction of your customers. If you see that you receive no engagement on your USSD Push messages, find out why. Don’t ignore signs that your campaign isn’t working. Make sure you send it at an optimal time of day and that your content is appealing. If you supply links to your website, test the links yourself to see if they actually work.

Refrain yourself from using the exact same wording over and over again. You don’t want your customers to think that they are receiving the same message twice. Don’t be lazy – make your messages unique every single time.

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