A recipe for instant success with Wholesale SMS

You don’t always need an elaborate plan for your Wholesale SMS marketing. Sometimes, the straightforward, simplest path produces the best results. Try this “no frills” method – it won’t cost you much either!

Using SMS messages to communicate with your customers is really no different from talking to them over the phone or email. It is all about two-way conversation – not just a once off, easy-to-forget text in their inbox.

With that in mind, here is a recipe for an effective Wholesale SMS campaign.

Strike up a conversation

You need to start the conversation from your side. Ask your customers to complete a mobile poll or survey. What do they think about your company and how you can better your services? Send them a mobile voucher of some other small token of appreciation for their participation.

Respond again

Two birds with one stone! Now you have valuable info AND your customers know that you value their opinion. Very important: send them a text again to thank them for their participation. If some of your customers didn’t want to participate, find out why.

Now use that info

People want to know that their opinions are valued. It is one thing to thank them, but it is another thing to actually show how you will be using the data. Write about it on your Facebook, Twitter and website en then text the link to your customers. (Ask them to like your social media pages while you are at it.)

What have you achieved by this? You used Wholesale SMS messages to open up a communication channel that have proven itself to be positive and productive. Now your customers won’t mind the occasional text message from your company, which means that they will actually pay attention to your communication.

Consumers want to do business with humans, not machines. You can use this method to show them that your brand is indeed human. You can’t put a price tag on something like this.

Interested in Wholesale SMS for your business? Integrat is here and willing to help – get in contact with us right now!



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