5 Reasons why Cellphone Billing is the way forward

Cellphone Billing is way to pay for the goods you want without swiping a card or withdrawing cash from the ATM. Here are seven reasons why paying and receiving payment via mobile is awesome for consumers as well as business owners.

No waiting in line

Customers don’t have to stand in line to pay for their goods. This means less traffic in your shop. Wait, isn’t this a bad thing? Nope. Have a look at the behaviour of people in your shop during rush hours. Often, if it is very busy and the queues are long, customers will put their goods back on the shelves or even turn around right outside your door because they don’t have the time or patience to wait around.

Less costs for the business

Cellphone Billing can help a business to save on operating costs. You won’t need as many personnel to help your walk-in clients. And you won’t need as many transactions points like card swiping machines.

Tapping into the unbanked market

Not everyone has a credit card or debit card. Especially in poorer, rural areas, people mostly work with cash. This excludes them from purchasing certain products or services that they really need. Most of them own a mobile phone, which makes this an ideal way for businesses to receive payments.

It’s safer for consumers

Traditionally, people always use to carry cash with them. Now we all have a wallet full of cards because we feel that it is safer, but actually it doesn’t solve our security problems. Now you can leave your wallet at home. And even if your phone gets stolen, it is easy enough to prevent a thief from using your Cellphone Billing to enrich himself.

It creates opportunities

A business can extend its services by offering consumers more options when it comes to paying. If your company gets into mobile billing now, it will only pave the future with more and greater opportunities. It will also help you to stay on par with your competitors – you can’t afford to get left behind when it comes to running your business!



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