Why Mobile Billing doesn’t get the attention it deserves

Although Mobile Billing applications are getting noticed more and more, people still aren’t jumping on the band wagon in mass numbers to use it. Why is that?

One of the answers seem to be: because these apps are boring.

When people install apps on their phone it is because it holds entertainment value. Have a look on your phone as well as those of your friends and family – you will usually find things like games, instant messaging and social media. An application that is only aimed at paying your bills via mobile runs the risk of being bland and uninteresting.

What do consumers want then from Mobile Billing applications?

The whole reason people are conducting transactions on their phones is because it is more convenient than driving to the ATM and easier than logging in via a desktop computer. Or that is how it is supposed to be. If an app doesn’t give you a reason to substitute it for the original “thing”, there isn’t much use for it.

Users want to click and type as few times as possible. When it comes to financial transactions on a handheld device, complexity is a bad thing. Unfortunately the less interaction you need, the higher the security risk. Two practical ways to overcome this problem:

  • You can swipe your device to pay for stuff without a pin or password, but as a security measure, only have a limited amount available in case your device gets stolen.
  • Have a special bracelet that is linked to your phone via Bluetooth. This way, If your phone goes out of range from your bracelet, the payments app is immediately disabled.

Give consumers a reason to use the app every day by adding other uses to it. And make it fun. For example: reward your customers with redeemable points. Or create partnerships with stores for exclusive discounts and other deals would also make it more fun to use for consumers.

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