Why every business should be using Airtime Vouchers as a reward

Airtime vouchers will give you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers, provide insight

it comes to your customers – no matter their age, gender or income. Airtime vouchers will add value to their lives in a way that is creative, fun or informative.

You can actively keep track of the redemption of your vouchers. This won’t only provide insight into consumer behaviour, but also improve the quality of your efforts because you will be able to identify every marketing effort’s return on investment.

Blockbuster UK has adopted the mobile voucher redemption solution across all its 630 stores. In the words Bryn Owen, Head of Marketing for Blockbuster UK, it makes better business sense to use mobile phones as the medium to issue promotional vouchers, rather than the paper alternative. “Since launching the customer loyalty scheme we have seen over 250,000 vouchers redeemed, providing us with a vast amount of data that is used effectively to target our customers with offers that will be specifically interesting and useful to the individual.”

Airtime vouchers are clearly the next big thing!



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