What is Number Scrubbing?

Number Scrubbing in general refers to the process of amending or removing data from a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. But what does this have to do with your business?

You probably have accumulated a long list of telephone numbers over the years from your customers. However, people regularly change their phone numbers or switch from a landline to a cell phone. Also, you will always have a small percentage of numbers that were recorded incorrectly. Or you might even sit with a list of numbers that have opted out of your mobile marketing, but it still has to be removed. Without knowing it, your contact list, which you have worked so hard on, might not be so golden anymore.

You could be thinking that it is not that big of a deal and you don’t need a program for Number Scrubbing, but did you know that you lose resources every time you send marketing messages to non-existing numbers?

Sure you can hire extra help to painstakingly go through your contact list once a month. But it takes loads of time to accomplish this. Not to mention that you will have to pay someone (or even a team) to get it done.

What can Number

amount of time and can be less costly than fixing errors manually.

If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your business’s contact base, your marketing won’t be nearly as effective as you want it to be. Don’t let your weeks of toiling and planning campaigns go down the drain because you aren’t reaching your customers.

And certainly don’t waste time and money dialling numbers that are incorrect or don’t exist.

Get in contact with Integrat today and find out how you can optimize your customer contact list fast.



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