What is EBB billing?

EBB is an acronym for Event Based Billing. In a nutshell, it implies that the subscriber only gets billed per event instead of per minute or for line usage.

A simple example would be paying R20 to download the song of your choice. Thus, instead of paying R200 per month to be a member an application, regardless if you download anything or not, you only pay every time you download a song. This offers flexibility to users who only want to use a service or product once, but doesn’t want to commit to the seller in the long term.

You might think that businesses in general would say no to short term clients. After all, loyal customers are

give them quality service or unique products. By providing a customer with the option of EBB billing, you get a foot in the door for a potential future relationship.

Consumers crave flexibility, especially when it comes to finance. One of the most successful ways of getting a competitive advantage in any market is to offer an array of choices that will suit individuals’ needs. And no, traditional billing systems don’t necessarily offer consumers enough options.

Give your customers more than they bargained for. Event Based Billing solutions from Integrat can help you to lure sceptic or potential clients and turn them into loyal believers. Get in touch with us right now – we are here to fulfil all your mobile needs!



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