Wholesale SMS: a cheap way to get your message across

Do you own a small to medium sized business and are looking for a cheap marketing tool? Then Wholesale SMS from Integrat will fit perfectly into your company’s budget.

Owners of smaller businesses always have to think twice about their spending; unlike larger corporations that have the means to splurge loads of money on elaborate marketing campaigns. For most mid-sized companies, advertisements on television (or having their own billboard) is just a dream.

Luckily there are several low cost ways to advertise. The tool with the most reach and effectiveness is definitely Wholesale SMS.

Did you know that mobile marketing is increasing in popularity? So much so that mobilemarketingwatch.com reckons that more U.K users are opting in for retail text messages. “More than 7 million people in the United Kingdom may opt-in to retail messaging on their mobile devices by 2015, marking growth of 38% over today.”

Don’t type your marketing texts on your phone and then send it out one-by-one to every customer on your contact list. Not only does it take forever, but you run the risk of skipping a few numbers and not reaching all of your clients in the end.
Wholesale SMS allows all

to receive your message at the same time – and at a fraction of the price of an ordinary SMS.

What is not to like about saving money and effort?

Also, sending text in bulk has many other advantages as well.

  • It is direct: consumers will read their text message long before they read their emails.
  • It is trackable: you can see if the intended recipient received it or not.
  • It can spark action: if your content is appealing, consumers will: act on the message (call you/ visit your store), forward it to their friends or save it for later use.
  • It is flexible: you can change the content of your message as many times as you want to suit the purpose of your campaigns.

Don’t scale your marketing efforts down because your business is on a tight budget. Wholesale SMS is cheap, powerful and can deliver amazing results!



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