The latest about Direct Mobile Billing versus Premium SMS

Last year saw the U.S shifting their focus away from Premium SMS (PSMS) and towards to Direct Operator Mobile Billing (DOB) as an easy form of mobile payment. What spark the change, and what is the difference between the two?

According to reports, some U.S operators have entered into an agreement to stop billing customers for Premium SMS messages that they send and receive. The move was forced by the persistent problem of “cramming”: unauthorized billing for third-party services that were forced onto customers’ bills. Bango has lead the charge by starting an awareness campaign about the bad practices (from some operators) that have turned Premium SMS billing into a nightmare.

They found that this form of billing relies on SMS delivery reports, but that the messages are often delayed. Sometimes these responses can take minutes or hours. This frequently leads to consumers being told that there’s a failure and that no charge has been taken — only to find that they were charged after the “waiting window.”

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