How wholesale SMS trumps traditional media

Wholesale SMS holds a variety of different benefits for the small business owner as well as the corporate giant. It compliments traditional media and marketing nicely, but in some instances, it can overshadow them.

How many times has this happened to you?

You are sitting in a waiting room leaving through a magazine when you see an advert you really like. You can’t take the magazine with you because it’s not your property.

While driving in your car you a lively advert on the radio catches your ear. You aren’t going to pull to over to take the details down, so you have to wait until you hear the advert again.

At home, you are distracted by the kids or busy cooking. You spot an interesting ad on TV, but by the time you grab a pen and paper, the advert is long gone.

Wholesale SMS can solve these problems! How?

Easier conversions

Sending marketing material to consumers’ phones, can help your message to torpedo through the clutter of everyday traditional marketing methods. It is so much easier for a mobile user to reply on a text message than to phone or email you after they heard/ saw your advert somewhere else. Remember that people are lazy beings, so the easier you make it for them, the more conversions you will get.

Better tracking and measurements

Text message marketing allows you to use different keywords to track keep track of your advertisements. You can effectively measure which ads worked for your target market, and which ads they found unappealing. You don’t even have to ask “how did you hear about us?” – it is all in the code.

QR codes works better for mobile

Sure QR codes can work in print media like magazines and newspaper, but they won’t work on TV or radio. One

store the sender’s number – no forms to fill out.

Use Wholesale SMS messages to spice up your marketing tactics and obtain easier conversions, better tracking and measurement, and the use of QR codes.



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