How to stop unwanted MMS messages

If you want to Stop MMS messages from a company that you didn’t subscribe to or no longer wish to follow, you have two options available. One: opt out of the service. Two: report the sender to WASPA.

The Opt out/ Stop option

When sending mobile marketing material to consumers, companies are supposed to include an option in the message that the recipient can use to put a stop to the receipt thereof. Usually, the text will look something like this:

If you no longer wish to

unsolicited text messages, and the sender did not supply you with such an option, you can also report them to WASPA.

What are my rights?

According to WASPA’s Code of Conduct (WCoC), businesses need your explicit consent to send you marketing messages via SMS if you have not directly given them your number. The association takes consumers’ rights to privacy very seriously and forbids its members from sending unsolicited messages to consumers whose numbers they have acquired through third-party databases.

A company may only send SMSs if they have a direct and recent business relationship with the recipient.

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