How Mobile Aggregation Services can make all the difference

“Being different” is something that every company strives for, yet it is very hard to achieve. Mobile Aggregation Services can help your company stand out from the rest. Want to know how?

Easily keep in constant touch with your customers or elicit a two-way conversation with them. Your customers don’t always have the time to constantly keep watch when you post a new article or advert, so why not send snippets of info to their mobile with the option

possession of a variety of creative ways to run your campaigns.

Grab consumers’ attention and give them something to talk about (and forward) to their family and friends.

Even though the mobile space is rife with marketing opportunities, a lot of companies haven’t realised the benefit of mobile marketing yet. By estimation, about 80% of South Africans own a phone. Thus, you can reach consumers faster than some of your competitors who are only relying on traditional mediums like television, newspaper, radio etc. It is much easier for people to quickly read a text and it is hard to miss an advertisement that is directed to you personally.

Think outside the box in terms of Mobile Aggregation Services. Don’t just focus on your customers. You can send useful info to employees, suppliers, distributors and stakeholders as well. Don’t always depend on traditional communication channels alone to get your message across.

Integrat is a WASP who provides Mobile Aggregation Services in Africa. We will gladly tell you more about our products and services – simply give us a call or drop a mail.



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