How can I optimize my IVR system?

Today it is harder than ever to cut through the communication noise to reach your clients. This doesn’t only ring true for marketing practices, but also for your answering systems. How can you make the best of your IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

Offer value:

To truly rise above the rest with your IVR, you should offer your clients one simple thing – value. This could be anything from saving them time and money to supplying them with something extra (like information) that your competitors can’t.

Keep it simple:

Your clients are pushing for time. The last thing they want to do is listen to an intricate list of options that goes on and on. Only have the options available that are most important – take note, important to your clients, not your company.

Get to the point, fast:

Your IVR system shouldn’t have a long welcoming


Also, your Interactive Voice Response system should respond promptly to the client’s input with intelligent follow up choices. There shouldn’t be a long delay in response after the client has made their choice from the menu.

Encourage interruptions:

Offer “barge in” technology that will allow clients to respond to prompts without listening to the entire command. This won’t only save the customer time and money, but will also help eliminate frustration.

Jump the queue:

Ensure your system offers immediate follow up with a live representative once the routine transactions have been completed using the IVR. According to, the best case scenario here is to push your IVR customers to the front of the queue for a live attendant when they need it. “Remember to reward your customers for using the IVR for everyday transactions like bill payments, by quickly getting them to a live attendant for escalated issues. There has to be something in it for the caller!”



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