Why should Mobile Application hosts be concerned about security?

Any number of things can go wrong in the Mobile Application environment. Big problems
data can become vulnerable. It can be leaked, modified, tampered with, or lost when transported over an insecure channel. The Mobile Application host has to make sure that the chance of this happening is practically zero.

Accessibility: Clients may access more system resource than they are entitled to, hence damaging these resources or preventing other clients from accessing these resources. It might not necessarily be on purpose (almost like the “hey what does this button do” scenario) but could still prove problematic for the Mobile Application host. Data should not be available for just anyone to see or modify as they please and access to applications should be limited to those who are entitled to it only. Hosts should implement proper authentication procedures for users so the system will be able to tell if user is indeed authorized or not.

Confidentiality: The client has to know he can trust the host not to leak valuable info to third parties or to steal the client’s data for their own use. Should a breech or security issue occur the mobile application host has to have measures in place to protect and restore information.

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