Why Compliance Management is important for WASPS

Last year some WASPS came under fire for not adhering to mobile Compliance Management in accordance to the WASPA code of conduct. What exactly happened there, and how can it be prevented in the future?

City Press reported in May 2013 that an alarming amount of mobile users were complaining about mysteriously loosing airtime, only to discover that they were billed for content/ services they claimed they did not subscribe to.

The Daily News also published an article about the non-Compliance Management of some WASPS in October 2013.

They explained that as with disputed debit orders, the onus is on the company receiving the

that consumers need to be told about the status of their bill and asked if they would like to continue with the service.”

Also, WASPA’s code of conduct requires its members to do a “double opt-in” – requiring subscribers to confirm their agreement to being subscribed to a certain service.

Integrat takes Compliance Management and Customer service very seriously. Clients who sign up with us are advised in terms of Compliance and we are available to review adverts and to test services. Once services are launched our call center agents monitor these for Compliance and report any violations or possible concerns.



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