What is hot on the Mobile Development scene?

According to a report on venturebeat.com, Facebook is creating a Mobile Development buzz while other web architecture is fading into the background. But what does this mean?

In a survey of around 6,700 developers, Appcelerator found that 66 percent of developers

points ahead of Twitter, the No. 2 choice.

Three major changes led to Facebook’s newfound popularity among devs. Appcelerator told Venturebeat.com that the company abandoned its HTML5-powered app for faster native apps on iPhone and Android; optimized its mobile APIs to make it easier to connect with its social graph; and offered up extensive mobile analytics by snapping up Onavo.

In the survey, 34.7 percent of mobile developers said that legacy web infrastructure SOAP (Simple Access Protocol) and XML data formats were of little interest to them. This might be because they were built for desktop computers which are always on and have a steady broadband connection – unlike mobile devices.

Similarly, developer interest in HTML5 has been on a steady decline for over a year. While HTML5 would allow developers to build apps that could be easily deployed across multiple platforms, it still offers a noticeably less polished app experience compared to native development. Around 60 percent of developers surveyed said they were interested in using HTML5 in their apps, down from a high of 73 percent in mid-2012.

Appcelerator found that devs now view Javascript as the most important programming language for mobile development. 47.2 percent of devs ranked Javascript their No. 1 language, while Java and Objective C trailed with 23 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

For the average Joe on the street these findings doesn’t mean much, but for mobile developers it can mean a whole new ball game.

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