The 101 of Mobile Development

Mobile devices are still a little behind on certain technological aspects in comparison with their desktop computer counterparts. This is why Mobile Development is such an important part of moving the mobile scene forward.

What is mobile development? Well, it is a very broad term to describe the development of anything related to mobile phones and the use thereof – applications, tools, testing, programming, deployment etc.

People use their cell phones for more than just making a call or sending a text. They want to surf the net, play games, do financial transactions and download songs as if they are using a laptop or computer. The problem is that the web was originally intended for computers, not mobile devices. If a website isn’t mobile friendly, a cell phone user has a hard time navigating through all the intricate parts.

It is believed that the modern phone only has 1/3 to 1/2 of the computing resources of a low end desktop computer.
During Mobile Development a lot of factors come into play – not only the issue of internet compatibility.

Connectivity is a problem that mobile users often have to deal with, especially in rural areas or where there isn’t a sufficient number of cell phone towers. While computer-based internet rarely experience signal problems, the same can’t be said of a cell phone. This can interrupt service and lead to a bad user experience.

But, the biggest issue that developers face is that of the ever changing mobile environment. Every time a new type of phone hits the market or changes are made to web operation, the mobile internet has to change a long with it. Mobile technology can never remain stagnant – mostly because users are always demanding more. More functionality, more perks, more everything. And the rivalry amongst different mobile providers to be the first to give consumers a unique experience, will always feed this craze.

Mobile Development is one of the services that Integrat provides. You can speak to any of our well trained consultants or experienced developers to get your mobile solutions working for your business.



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