The picturesque magic of MMS for mobile users

A picture says a thousand words. Luckily for mobile users, MMS does just that, maybe even more. That is why the ordinary Joe as well as the corporate world is getting in on the action.

As we all know, a multimedia message (MMS) is the combination of ordinary text with pictures and sound to create a piece of communication that goes beyond a few meagre sentences.

Photographs have traditionally been used to captures memories and precious moments in time. But used as a MMS, it takes on a whole new meaning and ascends into a communication tool that can help to convey thoughts and feelings to others.

For example: instead of telling a friend to meet you at restaurant X for lunch, you can send them a picture of the restaurant. Or instead of giving your significant other a detailed description of the perfume you want him to buy, simply snap a picture of the bottle and forward it to his phone.

Businesses are also taking advantage of MMS to spread the word about their promotions. It is probably the closest thing we currently have to a television ad for mobile. A company can easily construct a very short video message or picture show to introduce their customers to new products or alert them about special offers.

It is simple, yet very effective.

Some companies are reluctant to send

of traditional channels like television and radio.

Picture and video messaging is a creative and smart way to communicate – whether you send a love note to a special someone or try to entice a customer into buying your products.

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