How to keep your Bulk SMS messages short and sweet

Using Bulk SMS for your marketing messages is very beneficial for creating brand awareness and sales. The problem is: you only have 160 characters. How do you construct a compelling text with the limitation you have?

Ask any marketer and they will tell you the more appealing you can make your services and products sound, the greater the chance of generating revenue and pleasing your customers. And to accomplish this, you need to give consumers enough info to pique their curiosity. This can be frustrating for marketers when using texting as a communication tool, because they have a lot to say, but only 160 characters to do it with.

Thus, how can you get an impactful message across when using Bulk SMS?

Stick to the goal

You can’t put everything about your business in every message. Decide what the goal of the message is (selling a product, directing customers to your Facebook) and stick to it. Only say what needs to be said and keep it straight to the point. If your goal is to get more Facebook fans, leave the phone number and address of your business for a completely different SMS.

Revise, revise and revise some more

Do you really need of all the words in your message? What can you leave out? Are there synonyms for some of the words that are shorter than the original? Read the messages over as many times as you can and cut the fat until you are only left with a juicy bone. You will be tempted to use abbreviations not in the English language, but giving in to “text speak” will only make you look unprofessional.

Include a call to action

It doesn’t matter how funny, funky or lively your message is, if you don’t provide your customers with clear instructions on what you want them to do, you are wasting time. Tell them to “join our Facebook page today” or “call us right now.” Consumers will always need that nudge in the right direction or a fire under their you-know-what to take action.



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