How Bulk SMS can benefit restaurants

As a restaurant owner your top priority is to fill empty tables. Bulk SMS can help you to entice diners to walk past the competition and into your establishment. Want to know how?

Attracting and keeping customers can be a pain in the neck in any industry. The restaurant business is especially rough because people are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. On top of that, your business has to be open at odd

SMS comes in handy!

It just so happens…

Use text messages to alert customers to specials and promotions. People can’t resist a good deal, and if the timing is spot on, you are bound to hit your mark. For example: if it is a hot summer’s day, tell your customers that it just so happens you serve the best ice cream dessert in town. If you can time the messages a few hours before chow time, your customers will have the opportunity to convince themselves that they really are in dire need of your ice cream.

Show and receive

Send coupon messages. It doesn’t really matter what the text is about (a promotion, trading hours etc.) but add to the message that the receiver can show it to their waiter for a discount on a particular dish or drinks.
The more the merrier, right? So, why not make offers exclusive to parties of more than two people.

It’s a celebration!

If you really want to score brownie points with your customers, use SMS to send them freebies on their birthdays. It could look something like this: “Hey Jason, we at ABC restaurant would like to celebrate your birthday with you. Show this special birthday SMS to your waiter and we will give you a free bottle of wine.” Chances are your birthday boy will bring a group of people along – more customers for you!

Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing tools you will ever use, and your campaigns don’t have to be elaborate to attract attention. Excited? Then get in touch with Integrat so you can kick off your restaurant’s text campaign!



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