The advantages VS disadvantages of Mobile Billing

Although the popularity of Mobile Billing is slowly spreading throughout the world, users will continue to compare the advantages versus the disadvantages of this new payment method. Will you give wireless transactions the thumbs up or the thumbs down?

Speed: no need to punch in your credit card details or fumble around for cash in your wallet. It is a very fast way to pay for the goodies you want.

Convenience: what could be more convenient than using your mobile device, which never leaves your sight anyway, to make a purchase? Forgot your credit card at home? Who cares! Pay for services and products on the go – anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use: the process of Mobile Billing is simple. No need to over think anything.

Access to services: in countries where a lot of people don’t have bank accounts or credit cards, wireless billing provides an excellent way to gain access to services previously denied.


Security concerns: as with any payment or billing method, it is not without its security risks. However, in all fairness, one should delve a little deeper into the process as well as consumer behavior to get a clear picture of this. Some users are concerned for example that banks may have full access to your phone bills and buying patterns. What can banks do with this information? They
aren’t less, or more, secure than any other purchasing method.

Overspending: because of all the advantages of wireless billing, it does raise the concern of users making unnecessary purchases and getting into financial trouble.

Mobile Billing is changing the way people shop. It has both advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in this world, but it is ultimately up to the consumer how they make use of this amazing service.



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