How smart Mobile Aggregation can spark smart QR code marketing

Companies are getting creative with Mobile Aggregation in order to develop unique and amazing mobile marketing techniques. One of those brilliant ideas is to use QR codes to facilitate customer interaction and rewards.

A QR code is a basically a bar code that contains information. The user scans the code with their phone to read the message. What does this have to do with smart marketing practices?

Well, the code can be used for a great number of things like redeeming coupons, prize giveaways, competition entries, promotional messages, access to a personal account etc. Thanks to the marriage between web and phone technology (or Mobile Aggregation for short) QR codes can be used for various purposes.

Let’s focus for a moment on loyalty programs. Things like coupons and loyalty cards are expensive to print, not to mention, easy to lose as well. They can’t really be personalized either. QR codes on

they are trackable. Owners can make use of Mobile Aggregation technology to see which products are scanned the most and if these products are indeed purchased. If a product has a high number of scans but doesn’t have a large number of sales, it could indicate that people find something off-putting and that the owner should consider supplying an alternative product.

If this all sounds too good to be true – it is not all! 2D scanning technology is a trend that will set the mobile marketing industry on fire now and in the future.



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