How Mobile Aggregation Service Providers can help with job searching

The New Year usually brings new job opportunities for those seeking employment. It seems as if the economy is stabilizing and this could mean more vacancies to fill. Mobile Aggregation Service Providers can use this opportunity to

ideal target market for mobile job applications. Mobile Aggregation Service Providers can play a key role in connecting these job seekers with companies who offer employment.

Business can create detailed questionnaires and pre-screening tests that applicants can complete via mobile. This will not only help a company to easily obtain the cream of the crop for a position, but will also benefit the job seeker. Few things are more frustrating for a job seeker than wasting time and money to get to an interview only to find that they aren’t exactly what the company is looking for. When you are already strapped for cash, wasting it on an unsuitable interview is the last thing you want to do.

Mobile Aggregation Service Providers can also bring SMS alerts and notifications into the mix. A company can receive a notification when a job seeker is looking into a position; thereby putting the HR department on standby mode should the mobile user acquire assistance. The user can then receive an alert to confirm that his application was completed successfully, or to notify him whenever a position is available that fits his criteria.

These types of services will undeniably make the lives of both businesses and job seekers so much easier!



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