How Integrat can help you to reward your customers

Make use of Integrat’s products and services to reward your customers to increase their loyalty and create more revenue for your business. Want to know how?

You can retain your customers in one of three ways: provide a very valuable product, be great at client service and give tangible rewards. The first one is completely up to you, but mobile aggregation services can help you to build excellent relations and provide rewards to consumers.

Mobile applications are a great way to give a little something extra to your customers. Here are a few examples of what is already

contains discounts or prizes.

  • Let Location Based services tell you every time a customer is close to your shop so you can send them a promotional message.
  • Reward customers with a free meal after they have “checked in” at your restaurant on Facebook.
  • Moving on to some of Integrat’s other products and services, you can also do the following via text:

    • Send vouchers directly to a customer’s phone that they can “swipe” at your store.
    • Ask customers to participate in polls and surveys via mobile to determine their satisfaction with your business.
    • Send customized messages containing tips or interesting info on your products.

    You can use anything from Mobile Billing, Interactive Voice Response, Bulk SMS, MMS, USSD and Mobile Application Hosting to reward your loyal customers. All of these products and services are available from Integrat.

    Combine our Mobile Aggregation with your creativity and business drive to offer something unique and interesting to consumers. Get in touch with us and we will help launch your business communication.



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