What makes a good Mobile Billing experience?

Providers of Mobile Billing and applications are constantly faced with the question: what do consumers want? Because if the experience you are providing is substandard, you will lose clientele very

is a big deal for everyone. Your clientele wants to feel comfortable when making use of your applications. You need to foster an environment of trust by ensuring that your portal is indeed secure.

Free stuff: you are under no obligation to give anything away freely as part of your service, but people are always looking for a bargain. Why not make one of your services or products free to encourage sign-up of new customers. People are more likely to spread the word about you if you do.

Device compatibility: something that is often over looked when it comes to Mobile Billing and applications, is device compatibility. It doesn’t matter how kickass your service is, or how fancy the mobile statement waiting to be delivered, if your customers can’t access it via their particular phone you are throwing money in the wind.

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