What is a Wireless Application Service Provider?

A Wireless Application Service Provider, also known as a WASP, is a company that offers various mobile solutions to business owners. These solutions range from Mobile Billing to Mobile Integration and SMS Gateway Services.

Integrat is one of a number of WASPs in South Africa. What makes us different is the fact that we have an international footprint, our call centre can operate in eleven languages, and we were one of the first to integrate with the un-subscription API as established by the compliance management body, WASPA.

As a Wireless Application Service Provider, Integrat offers various mobile products and services to our clients. The whole idea behind our operations is to enable companies to connect with their customers


It doesn’t matter if you run a one-man show or have a company as gigantic as Google; you have several amazing mobile products and services at your disposal – all thanks to WASPs like Integrat. You can make your wireless communication:

  • As simple as sending a text message
  • Or as extensive as replacing half of your consultants with a state of the art Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

It might sound like a hollow cliché, but the options truly are endless.

With the whole world embracing mobile technology, the age of the Wireless Application Service Provider has arrived. Thanks to these companies we can connect, share and trade with the push of a few buttons on our cell phones.

Check out Integrat’s array of mobile products and services – you are sure to find one that is suited to your business needs. Simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest!



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