What is a SMS Gateway?

Have you ever wondered how you can send a text message from a Nokia to a Samsung, or from a phone that was manufactured years ago to one you just bought today? The answer: SMS Gateways.

Without going into a technical explanation only a mobile developer would understand, we know that all phones aren’t created and programmed in exactly the same way. Smart phones for example were designed to breeze through internet activity, while some others aren’t even equipped with a camera to take photographs. Also, different manufactures use different protocols and language to create their handsets.

So, how is this that these phones that seem completely different are able to communicate with each other?

SMS Gateways make it all possible. These gateways, hosted by service providers like Integrat, serve as a conveyor and translator between phones.

Say for example you own an Ericson and you subscribe to MTN, while your friend has a Blackberry connected through Vodacom. You proceed to type a text and add a photograph; then send it to your friend. In order for your friend

communication between different phones would have been very problematic indeed and the option of texting, instead of calling, might not have been possible at all!



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