The aims and objectives of Interactive Voice Response

Many companies successfully make use of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to tend to their customer queries. You don’t have to own a gigantic company to implement such a system – even

to hold for the first available consultant but need to leave a quick message.

The system allows for interactive, two-way communication that will transpire to quicker handling of customer complaints and questions. It is very simple to use – a caller only needs to press a few buttons and she has an array of information available.

When looking at the construction of an IVR system, a number of components are needed to make it work. Usually a computer, containing a telephony board/card and IVR software, is hooked to a company’s phone line. The software allows for pre-record greetings and menu options that a caller can select using his telephone keypad. If the Interactive Voice Response system has speech recognition capabilities, the software is a bit more complex because it has be sophisticated enough to understand names and long strings of numbers.

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