Do I need a mobile app or a mobile website? Part 2

To aid you with your decision between a mobile application and a mobile website, here is a list of seven differences between these mobile initiatives.

Audience reach: the mobile website can be viewed by anyone with a mobile browser while an appropriate device is needed for the app. The site can be viewed by anyone and doesn’t require installation, but the app has to be downloaded and installed by the user.

User experience: app
latter as worth wasting money on when they can simply visit the site from their desktop. An application offering valuable and unique service – well, that is a horse of different colour.

Availability: an application has to go through a submission process and the business has to find a suitable mobile application host. The site is available immediately. However, the app has the advantage over the site with regards to internet connectivity – the mobile application can be used offline.

Updates and maintenance: a mobile site is easily updated and the changes can take effect immediately. It is not so simple with a mobile application and could entail resubmission, multiple development resources etc.

Search engine optimization: this refers to how a user will find your mobile initiative. A mobile site can be found through a standard web search by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. The application is typically found through an app store search or linked from a website. It would be a good idea to put some thought into promoting your mobile application.

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