What does a mobile application host do?

Do you know exactly what it is a mobile application host does? Hosting a client’s content requires more than just a computer, an internet connection and the occasional click of a button.

Typically, a host has a large number of servers containing their customers’ business logic and data. They employ hardware- or software-based load balancing components to provide quality of service guarantees to customers. The hosting environment asks for flexibility as different applications require different components and methods of hosting.

Hosting isn’t limited to applications either. Integrat for instance also provides hosting for: content, Web or WAP sites, databases, application to person service, and complete mobile application architecture.

Infrastructure usually consists of systems to manage the business data, application servers which encode the business logic and web servers which provide the web interface between end-users and the business applications.

How does the relationship between the mobile application host and the customer work?

Usually, the application owner approaches the host with their program. The host will provide assistance where needed and then put the app with all the relevant data on their servers. Integrat for example will help their clients with the planning and implementation of their mobile solutions from the start in such a way that:

  • Architectural planning is made easier
  • Clients can receive expert advice and guidance
  • It is possible to plan in advance with regards to the hosting requirements.

The application is now available to the owner and their clientele to use. This

and constructs pre-programmed responses.

The host charges the application owner based on the resources (such as bandwidth, CPU, or storage) required for the processing of the request. Continuous traffic and bandwidth management is streamlined to suite the client’s needs and the client will also receive reports.

Integrat provides mobile application hosting as one of our many mobile services and products. Why not turn your great idea for a kickass application into reality by approaching a mobile aggregation service provider who knows the world of mobile.



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