The role of mobile application hosting

Mobile application hosting plays a very important role in mobile service provision. An application doesn’t just happen on the internet – it has to be made available by a provider for public use and in such a way that it enhances, and not hurt, the user’s experience.

The internet has experienced a big boom these last few years with the production of better,
of 2011 alone. It was predicted then that he number of tablet users in the U.S. could increase to nearly 90 million by 2014 and Smartphone users with 2 billion worldwide by 2015.

With such an increase in popularity it was evident that the mobile community was ready to embrace the mobile internet. Providing content was the next natural step and the focus shifted to developing apps and monetizing and distributing it.

This is where the importance of mobile application hosting became apparent. Without a host, none of these nifty applications will see the light of day. Wireless Application Service Providers like Integrat can be approached to do the hosting for you so you do not have to worry about it. They will give you a stable and secure environment to deploy your application and provide you with advice and technical support along the way.

When choosing a host it is wise to do your research so you can select the one best suited to your needs. Insist on fast and reliable service – the success of your application depends on mobile application hosting as well. Don’t settle for second best.



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