OPS support services from Integrat

At Integrat your OPS support needs are taken care of by our team of savvy experts. It is one of the many services you can obtain when you sign up with your favourite Wireless

connected and have an overview of the operational processes.

An example of this type of support happens when a when a client sends through a request for a specific connection type – e.g. SMPP/HTTP. The mentioned department will then set up the connections.

This runs concurrently with the setup between the client, HiGate and the Network Operators. Do you, as the client, have a specific bearer in mind? No problem – we will setup whichever bearer you prefer.

Other functions include: service level agreements, rate changes and rerates, and gate changes.

We maintain service level agreements with clients as well as Network Operators and also manage client expectations in regards to how long bearers will take to activate the networks.

Integrat is constantly trying to find the fastest and most efficient gates to channel our clients’ traffic through and often move clients over on their behalf to a quicker or more cost effective connection. We also handle any changes that the client requests on the rates of their bearers.

Excellent communication, know-how and client satisfaction is what our OPS support team does best. As a business owner, you and your employees need to focus on making your business great – Integrat will jump the hoops behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Pick up your phone or type a mail and get in touch – you won’t look back!



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