Mobile application development challenges Part 2

The challenges mobile application development face, are many. We are now taking a

get the best out of a phone’s performance.

Futuristic devices

Although it might not be much of a concern yet, but the technology of “wearables” and “connectables” will also take big leap in the coming years. Things like biomedical instruments or connectable alarm system are bound to be operated via mobile phones. And yes, you have guessed correctly, mobile developers will need to pull out all the stops to make this happen.

Focus on Cloud

With the move to a public cloud, the traditional organizational model that separates development from IT operations will break down. Mobile development requires a rapid feedback cycle, and it’s hard to execute if developers have to wait for IT operations teams to respond to their change requests. Expect more developers to be on call for application support in the new model, using triage to handle defects and investigate degradation to production services.

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