Compliance management for WASPs

When dealing with a wireless application service provider (WASP) a client has certain rights, and in turn, the provider should conduct their business in a way that is compliant with WASPA’s guidelines should they be a member of the organization – like Integrat.

Let’s have a look at the compliance management of an ethical WASP.

They don’t promise services they are unable to provide and their services must not be unreasonably prolonged or delayed. However, a WASP is not liable for failure to provide a service due to circumstances beyond its control.

They respect the intellectual property rights of their clients and other parties and will not knowingly infringe such rights. That being said, a WASP should also not transmit or publish illegal content and if they are aware of such content, they should report it to the relevant authorities.

The same can be said for services or promotional content that is not considered decent. This includes explicit violent or sexual presentations, promotion of racial disharmony, inducing an unacceptable sense of fear or anxiety, or any material that are meant to debase, degrade or demean.

Mobile compliance management also refers to data protection in that a WASP will take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access to, interception of, or interference with any data.

A WASP should provide their full contact details on their website, including the registered company name, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address

the WASPA Code of Conduct.

Procedures should be in place to allow clientele to lodge complaints regarding the services provided. Members must acknowledge receipt of complaints expeditiously, and must respond to any complaints within a reasonable period of time.

Customer support must be easily available, and not limited to a medium that the customer is unlikely to have access to.

Not sure if a WASP is a member of WASPA? Have a look on their website. Integrat displays our membership of WASPA proudly to show that we take mobile compliance management seriously.



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