How to successfully use LBS as a marketing tool

Location Based Services (LBS) as a marketing tool requires several factors to be successful. Do you know how to make the most of your business’s geographical location?

Before you can get to the “good stuff” you should start with the basics – what do you want to achieve? Set clear goals and create a strategy so you can easily measure if you have been successful or not. Your goals could be anything from selling an X amount of your product to attracting attention from brand new customers/ increase loyalty.

Next you should claim your profile page. Some Location Based Services add your business info automatically, but it is usually the bare minimum. For others you might have to register your profile first. Usually it is free to claim your page and you should do it for a number of sites – the more the merrier so to speak.

Provide as much info as you can on your business. Make sure the info (especially your contact details and location) is correct and update it regularly if the final push a customer is looking for.

Reward customers for checking in – otherwise what would be the point?

Encourage customers to write reviews. Keep in mind that you will receive negative feedback at some point, but it is how you handle it that matters. Don’t delete bad reviews – it is your chance to show that you care about your customers. People won’t turn your business down because a handful of customers don’t like you, but if you react negatively on bad reviews they won’t look at your business twice.

Location Based Services can be a successful marketing tool in the right hands – make sure it is yours and not your competitor’s.



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