How to create a positive Interactive Voice Response experience

Customers don’t always like communicating with an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). How can you make their telephony experience a positive one?

Your system doesn’t have to be a dry, boring one. Be creative and have a little fun with it. After all, it is not a science project. However, this doesn’t mean that “anything goes” so don’t go overboard – always maintain a level of professionalism.

Before you construct your messages and source a voice talent – do a little research first. Your customers are the ones that have to deal with your IVR system every time they phone you – you are creating it for them, not for you.

Just like your brand has a persona (whether you marketed it that way or not) your

a few questions concerning the content and language of your IVR system. Your customers will find it very refreshing if they have the option to choose from more than one type message. For example: a young crowd might like a message with informal wording and a hip tone, or customers with a strong accent will respond better to a voice with the same accent that they have.

Also, keep all the principals of good client communication/ client service in mind. Whatever is happening at the back end of your system, customers still want their calls to be answered promptly. Holding the line forever or searching through a maze of options to get to a consultant will leave a sour taste in any customer’s mouth.

Your IVR system is the first point of contact your customers have your business. If they find it unpleasant, they will be reluctant to make use of your services in the future. Put yourself in their shoes when designing your Interactive Voice Response System.



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