How to approach MMS as a marketing tool

Most companies have yet to embrace MMS as a marketing tool. However, it is estimated that 90% of the time a mobile user

other tools in your arsenal to create a truly effective strategy.

Be innovative and creative with your mobile content. Think quality graphics, unique audio etc.

Always keep etiquette in mind – just because you can create anything you want, it doesn’t always mean you should.

Don’t spam your customers by mindlessly sending messages every few seconds and don’t send the same message more than once.
Be mindful of the type of content you create and steer clear from anything that could be seen as offensive.

Some mobile phones can’t receive MMS messages, so be sure to ask about the multimedia capabilities of the client’s cell phone when he/ she signs up for your services. This brings us to another important point – what reason does a client have to give you their phone number? The best approach will be to offer an incentive like a discount – this way customers will feel as if they are getting something in return and not that you are simply trying to sell your product.



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