6 benefits of using Bulk SMS for your business

Using Bulk SMS for client communication and

from promotional material to notifications. Bulk SMS is a good way to stay in constant contact with customers/ clients – all you need is their mobile phone numbers.

2. Inexpensive: notifying customers of special promotions through text messages are unbelievably cheap in comparison to other types of advertising. You won’t pay nearly as much for Bulk SMS as you will do for an advert on a billboard, television or in a magazine.

3. Effortless: composing one default message and sending it to multiple recipients not only saves you money, but also requires less hassle and effort. The software is usually easy to use and if you need any assistance, Integrat will be there to provide expert guidance. Messages can be automated to go out at a specific date and time ahead of your planned campaign. Also, you can keep track on anything you send or receive so you will be able to view the history of your SMS campaign at any time.

4. Easy reach: most people own cell phones and all mobile devices are capable of displaying text messages. You don’t have to worry about whether your clients will be able to receive your messages or not. They can save the message for later reading or forward it to a friend. Bulk SMS can reach people regardless if they are at home, work or in another province – even another country, depending on your SMS Gateway provider.

5. Wide appeal: anyone who owns a mobile phone knows how to read or compose text messages. As long as your content is easy to comprehend and to-the-point, the user will have no problem understanding the communication piece. Thus, a SMS can appeal to a wider audience than messages (like email for instance) that require the user to have certain technological knowledge.

6. Speed: seconds after you send the message, your intended recipients will be able to read it – no need to “log on/ in” to a device/ application. Because a cell phone is mobile, your message also becomes mobile – you don’t have to sit in front of a computer or television to view a Bulk SMS.



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