4 surprising uses of MMS for your business

Apart from the more obvious uses of MMS in a business (sending adverts/ billing info) there are five surprising ways you can use multimedia messaging to your advantage.

Managing your work force

  • If your employees have limited computer access, you can make use of mobile to keep in touch with them. For instance: speed up approval processes like leave applications or stock purchases
  • Manage work schedules or shifts
  • Send important news – a snippet of the company’s newsletter or congratulations to the branch that reached their sales target.
  • Emergency info or alerts/ notifications – for example send an MMS during an emergency to make sure everyone follows the correct evacuation procedure.
  • Staff can send pictures of their promotional work for placement on the company’s Facebook page.

Mange your client service center

Using Multimedia Messages to communicate with clients (along with your traditional phone/ fax/ email solutions) opens up a whole new channel of communication. It might not be suitable for all types of complaints or queries, but it can solve some of the problems experienced during a phone call (dropping the line, waiting for hours to speak to a consultant, noise pollution affecting the caller’s hearing).

Appointment management

When a business work on an appointment basis, it often happens that clients forget about their scheduled visit. This can causes a back log, loss of revenue and frustration on both the part of the business and client. By sending a MMS to your client a few hours before the scheduled appointment, you can minimize the number of late- or no-shows. Why not include a map to your location so your clients can quickly and easily find you?

Manage your logistics

How many times have this happened at your business? You receive a delivery order from a client and you give them an estimated arrival time. Something goes awry and on the promised day the client stands in front of you demanding an explanation. You do everything you can to make the delivery go smoothly, but in the meanwhile the client phones every day and grows more frustrated by the minute. If you could keep your client updated through mobile messages, it will keep him/ her in the loop and also give you a better understanding of what is happening in your logistics chain.

Be creative with MMS messages in your business and make the lives of your employees and clients easier.



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