Payment options offered by SMS Gateway service providers

SMS gateway service providers all offer different payment plans and options, depending on the product or service you are interested in.

In general, SMS messages and credits are purchased from a website, so naturally, most gateway providers support online credit card payment, PayPal, check payment, direct deposit, or a wire transfer. Cash payments will most likely not be accepted as electronic transfers are more secure and comes with a clear proof of payment.

Most SMS gateway service providers offer a web-based account management system where you can manage your entire SMS campaign from one central location. The ease of use will differ and some will have features that others don’t.

For instance, you can get features like IP locking, low credits/ SMS messages alerts, detailed reports, sub user management and SMS routing options.

SMS routing options might have a direct effect on your payment options. The reason being: sometimes you may not want to allow your staff members to send SMS messages to destinations that cost too many credits. If your company sets up an SMS messaging system for staff members to contact clients in South Africa, you may want to disable the sending of SMS messages to other countries.

Also, some networks are cheaper but not so reliable, while others are expensive but much more dependable. Keep in mind that the

and reliability as the costs of SMS services and products.



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