How SMS Gateway connections work

Are you wondering how SMS Gateway connections work? In this post we will explain the basics of understanding what lurks behind the send and receive of wireless communication.

A SMS Gateway functions as a relay between SMS Centres (SMSC). The software are developed and maintained by service providers and network operators – this can be done in-house or outsourced, depending on the operator. Two SMS centres cannot communicate with each other if they don’t work with a common SMCS protocol. And as with all service providers, being unique isn’t only limited to their products and brand but they also code in different languages or ways.

This is where a SMS Gateway comes in. It is placed in between the connections to transmit information and translates the protocols.

Not only wireless carriers employ SMS gateways, but also content providers and SMS application developers as well. For instance, if an SMS text messaging application developer wishes to deliver SMS messages through a server, then the way to directly connect to an SMSC is through an SMS gateway. The gateway to be used should support many types of SMSC-specific protocols.

SMS Gateways also make

a mobile phone or GSM/GPRS modem, connected to the computer. These devices are able to connect to the PC by various methods, like Bluetooth, data cable, or USB cable. Although not as speedy as direct internet connection, it is cheaper if used for lightweight messaging.

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