Bright future looms for mobile aggregation services

It is no secret – mobile communication is taking over the world. Even small children have cellphones these days, whether they actually use it or not. As the world is enthusiastically embracing wireless communication, the future for mobile aggregation services is looking bright.

Analysts reckon that the developing world will see a big boom in smartphone sales. Canalys predicts that 837 million smartphones will be shipped globally this year, while for the developed world markets Zenith Optimedia forecasts that smartphone penetration in the world’s top 19 digital markets will double from 35.5% last year to an average of 71.7% by 2015.

Mobile aggregation services can find fertile ground in the developing world markets. According to an article on, there tends to be a high proportion of unbanked consumers, low credit card penetration and large numbers of prepaid consumers. “For such users, their operator connection may be their sole credit-based or pre-paid agreement.”

In the develop world, wireless application service providers can focus on their growing relationships with existing customers. As people are becoming aware of the lengths said service providers go to in order to protect their mobile transactions, they will gain confidence in making use of mobile aggregation services.

The bigger the demand, the better and more sophisticated these services will get. Users are also very likely to be won over by the sheer convenience and ease of use when it comes to mobile

options as opposed to companies offering only traditional forms of billing.

It is safe to say that mobile aggregation services have only one place to go, and that is forward into the future. Open up a new world of customer relations through mobile marketing and discover the benefits for yourself.



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