2 Things you don’t want for your SMS Gateway

Does your SMS Gateway service provider know what they’re doing? Are you using the correct software? Let’s have a look at two of the things you don’t want for your gateway.

1. Incompetent support service

When you first start off, you might not know much about the provider’s products or services and will need their assistance a number of times. Also, anything can happen down the line and when you need a quick solution, they should jump into superhero mode and come save you.

Providers will promise you the moon and stars on their website, but the moment your contract is signed, you experience something less than satisfying. Before you put pen to paper and enter into an agreement – put the provider to the test.

Send one or more emails to the company’s support team and ask questions about their services or products. Then take note of the following:

The time they took to respond – did they consider you “important enough” to answer timely? If the SMS Gateway provider can’t answer a simple question fast, imagine what will happen when you have a real crisis!

The quality of their response – do they know what they are talking about? Do they sound knowledgeable and competent? If they can’t provide you with a clear, expert answer, you are probably looking at a bunch of amateurs.

A company that responds quickly but can’t help you, or one that can help you but takes forever to respond, will seriously harm

test out first. It is a very wise decision to sign up for the trail version of a program before spending your hard earned money it.

Trail versions usually last for up to 30 days – that is plenty of time to make sure the program is indeed what you want. The only disadvantage is that some programs might have limited functions, but you will still be able to get a general idea if the program is worth the purchase.

Rather be safe than sorry – put a SMS Gateway service provider or software to the test before you spend money.



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