Who is Integrat Mobile Aggregation Services?

Integrat is an international Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) Aggregator that operates in the Value Added Services sector of the Mobile Telecommunications Industry in Africa and South Africa.

The core operation is based in South Africa with an extended footprint into the African continent as well as several other countries.

We deliver state of the art mobile integration and billing services.

We specialise in providing a gateway platform that aggregates WASP’s.

Integrat is an enabler & aggregator of all your Mobile Telecommunications Value Added Services (VAS) integration needs. In short, we provide a mobile messaging and billing gateway platform that aggregates WASP’s. Our model allows you to focus on building your kick-ass business while we turn the complex gears of the mobile operator integration in the background.

Our gateway supports a range of connectivity technologies through its Application Programming Interfaces (API).
These include:

  • HTTP (XML) – Suited for web applications such as PHP / ASP / JSP / Coldfusion / Perl etc.
  • TCP/IP – Suited for applications such as C++, Java, VB, .Net etc.
  • SMPP – Standard operator GSM interface

Integrat offers connectivity to clients via the following bearers:

  • Bulk SMS
  • Web SMS
  • SMS
  • Premium Billing (MT billing / MO billing /

    well as a vegetable garden has been established up to date.

    Last but not least, Integrat is a member of WASPA the South African industry association and also serves on various committees within this forum.

    In certain countries where compliance management is immature, we have been leading with setting standards for compliance. It is a subject that we take very seriously in ensuring that our customers engage in fair and honest business dealings. Our team of compliance officers assists in providing advice and reviewing marketing material for optimum application of regulation. In cases where complaints are escalated to the regulator we assist our customers in responding to these complaints



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