What is mobile billing?

One of the services that Integrat provides is mobile

cost of the SMS message received. Reverse-billed SMS messages are only sent if specifically requested by the phone user. A daily weather alert is an example of a service where regular reverse-billed messages are received because the user requested the service.

What if the user doesn’t want the service anymore? Providers are required by law or regulation to provide a means of opting out of a service once it has been commenced. Most typically, this is achieved by sending a stop message (most typically, simply STOP or NO) to the same number as the service itself.

MO billing (Mobile Originate) is a form of mobile billing that allows you to bill the user on the originating transaction at higher than standard rate tariffs. The value of a mobile originate premium transaction is determined by the value of the access number. Typical application for this product is for once-off on-demand request for content/services like poems, ringtones, images, information (weather, stocks, bonds), or SMS competitions or SMS Chat services.

WAP billing is a mechanism for consumers to buy content from Wireless Application Protocol sites that is charged directly to their mobile phone bill. It is an alternative payment mechanism to debit or credit cards. Using WAP billing, consumers can buy mobile content without registering for a service or entering a username or password. The user clicks on a link and agrees to make a purchase, after which they can download content.

This includes downloading mobile entertainment content like ringtones, mobile games and wallpapers.

Integrat can handle all your mobile billing needs and more. Give us a click or a call for more info.


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